Transport Management Systems for Hauliers of All Sizes

Incredibly easy to use

With flexible planning tools that allow your planners to plan how they want but at the same time providing the visibility of the planners actions to all the team, meaning there are no surprises. Drag and drop resourcing, full driver and vehicle schedules, map based planning and driver availability alerting are just some of the tools available.

Web based system

Proteo road transport management solutions are completely web based. So you can access it securely from anywhere and on any desktop. We do the IT heavylifting (setting up and managing servers, ensuring high performance and security) so you don't have to.

Integrate with your systems

Integration is baked into Proteo Enterprise(Our flagship transport management system) making it easier to link up to your customers and systems. This in turn removes re-keying and provides a full audit trail of actions. Send real time information back to your customers and keep them updated on the delivery progress of their goods.

Advanced analytics capabilities

There are several reports that provide you with a view of your business, such as client turnover, sub contractor usage etc. But what makes Proteo Enterprise most powerful is that we are able to provide you with the information that you want when and were you need it.

Proteo Enterprise

Complete end to end Road Transport Management System for large hauliers, typically with a fleet size of >25 trucks. It is the most advanced yet easy to use TMS that can be made to work the way you need it to.

Complete end to end solution to manage every aspect of your business from Order to Invoice.

Proteo Lite

A lighter Transport Management System for smaller hauliers with fleet size <25 trucks. From managing inquiries to generating quotes, booking jobs, planning and monitoring them, invoicing them and generating reports - your one TMS to manage it all. You can be up and running within a week.

Proteo Mobile

A simple Mobile/In cab Application to enable your drivers to do their jobs easily and efficiently by connecting them to the central back-office.

Live information is exchanged to and from your drivers to ensure quick deliveries and collections and a complete audit trail is maintained.

Proteo Insights*

Proteo Insights (coming soon) will allow you to see which customers are making you money, which lanes are costing you money, your subcontracting costs by customer, depot or business type. All the key information about your haulage business will be available to you through interactive dashboards and dynamically generated views, KPIs and reports.

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