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Jack Richards and Sons
Jack Richards and Sons

Since adopting Proteo Haulier Enterprise in 2006, we have seen real, measurable improvements in our day-to-day operations and to our bottom-line. Our entire fleet is fully tracked and our client-facing and office-based technology is among the most advanced in the industry.

Peter Brown, Managing Director, Jack Richards & Sons

Alan Firmin Transport Ltd.
Alan Firmin Transport Ltd.

“We went through an evaluation period to assess our Transport Management System absolute minimum requirements and perhaps more importantly, came up with a long list of “wouldn’t it be good if we could…” Our existing system had gaps in capability, functionality and had failed to keep pace with emerging technologies, operational needs and our vision for future development. Haulier Enterprise provided a fluid platform that allowed for rapid customisation and integration opportunities and now provides the backbone of our business to valued clients”

Paul Denyer, Managing Director, Alan Firmin Transport Ltd.

Chiltern Cold Storage
Chiltern Cold Storage

“It’s a one-stop solution that satisfies all of our requirements. The system provides us with even more detailed online tracking of vehicles and loads, reports on driver and vehicle performance as well as vital business information to help us maintain our controls and efficiencies. It manages every aspect of our business, including directly entering orders on to the system and generating the paperwork, helping us to work more efficiently.”

Paul Jackson, Managing Director, Chiltern Cold Storage

David Watson Transport Ltd
Fagan and Whalley Ltd
Alan Firmin Ltd
Nicholls Transport
Chilltern Cold Storage
Jack Richards and Sons Ltd
Kersey Freight Ltd
Woodall Transport Group
Knowles Transport Ltd
Williams Transport Ltd

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