In-Cab Mobile Application: Exchange live information to and from your drivers and ensure quick deliveries and collections

Proteo Mobile App for Transport Management

Deliver Faster

Proteo Mobile optimises delivery for busy hauliers by connecting non-office-based employees with the central-office ERP (Proteo Lite/Proteo Enterprise TMS) so that they are fully integrated.

The ease of sending the drivers their jobs through the app is fantastic, it eliminates mistakes as they have all the information in front of them.

Andy Williams, MD, Williams Transport


Daily Safety Checks
  • Configurable vehicle and trailer checks that can feed into your workshop solution as well as being available in Proteo Enterprise and Proteo Lite. Recorded checks are available so that the DVSA can review if required.
Driver Start and Finish Times
  • Capture the start and finish times, number of straps, long or short day from the driver. This information is then shown to the Planners and can be used for Timesheet reports.
Full Manifest View
  • Drivers can see what they will be doing throughout the day, and when they need to start.
Real time Updates
  • Planners can see when the work has arrived to the driver, when they have acknowledged it and then the updates as they progress.
Simple to Use
  • Drivers have repeatedly advised that our solution is the easiest and most driver friendly.
  • Planners can send messages to one or more drivers and see when these have been read by the drivers. This removes the need for a call and allows the drivers to respond when safe.
Pallet Networks
  • Our solution works with pallet networks so that your drivers only need to use a single application regardless of the work. This makes it easier for planners, easier for drivers and the pallet network gets all of the updates to ensure your KPI performance.
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How it works?

Proteo Mobile Features and How it Works Flowchart

Proteo Mobile Features

Create Checklists for Quality Assurance and Managing Deliveries and Collections

  • Create Checklists for Quality Assurance and Managing Deliveries and Collections. A pass or fail mark is required against every task on their list to complete it.
  • In case of issues or failures, drivers need to take pictures and send real time data to make sure you have complete information to solve any problems and get the task completed.
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'Accelerate Workshop Management' Integration

Proteo Mobile can easily integrate with your workshop management solution such as 'Accelerate Workshop Management'.

  • Push any real time defects reported by your drivers straight with workshop tools to ensure speedy resolution.
  • Schedule vehicle service and repair.
  • Your workshop team can stay on top of the condition of all vehicles thereby preventing any unexpected breakdowns.
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Manifest Management

  • Directly send Manifests to drivers on their mobile app.
  • New Manifests can be accessed once all the items on checklists have been finished.
  • Capture onsite details and Real Time status reports by drivers(Drive, On Site etc.) for each manifest.
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Configurable Onsite Collections and Delivery Details

  • Configurable Onsite Collections and Delivery Details that your driver/customer needs to provide during collections.
  • Capture signatures, comments, confirmation on load numbers, docket numbers. All the order and collection details are appropriately linked to each other and available for easy search later for audit and other purposes.
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Complete Integration

  • Proteo Mobile integrates fully with Proteo Enterprise and Proteo Lite allowing you Realtime information exchange between mobile app and TMS
  • Full real-time visibility for your planners on what is happening in the field.
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