Proteo Insights (coming soon) will be the most advanced analytics and reporting tool that will run over your data to provide you with critical data to make fast, insightful and accurate decisions.

Proteo Insights for Analytics, Reporting, KPIs, Indirect Cost Calculation
The Problem - Fast Changing Scenario for Haulier Business.

Transport needs have become increasingly complex. Customer Demands are continuously increasing, and they keep on expecting faster delivery, reduced prices and better visibility. Never has there been a need to know more about your business, how much revenue are you getting, what are your costs, who are your most profitable and least profitable customers, which delivery lanes need to be re-negotiated? Do you have the information you need when it comes to contract renewals? So, how can a haulier progressively reduce its price per mile and lower transaction prices even in such scenario of increasing complexity and more number of transfer points?

Proteo Insights is an absolute must for Haulier Leaders, giving them a live window to their whole operations and enabling them to take fast, accurate and data backed decisions.

The Solution - Introducing Proteo Insights

Proteo Insights works with data from Proteo TMS and generates KPIs and reports. With advanced analytics capabilities, Proteo Insights generates data that is 'Easy to Interpret and Analyse’ - brought to life in graphical forms like easy to read charts, for the KPIs that matter. Take fast, data backed decisions.

Explore multiple points of views. Get ahead in the industry by arming yourself with the knowledge that our unique tool provides and gain the edge to excel and take over your competition. Take decisions which will help you to price your jobs well (even say ‘No’ to customers if the job will not be profitable) and reduce operational costs by improving driver & planner productivity. It is the key to understanding how well your drivers, vehicles and business are performing.

Key Benefits

  • With easy access to data from all their Proteo Products, they can quickly turn knowledge into action.
  • It provides data that is ‘Easy to Interpret and Analyse’ - brought to life in easy to read charts, for the KPIs that matter. No more having to wait weeks or months to get diagnostic and analytics data and then spend countless hours to make any sense out of it.
  • Daily measurement of KPI’s minimise the risk of issues going unnoticed and enables them to get an accurate pulse of their business.
  • It also gives them the ability to quickly share the results of their analysis with the team and set aggressive but attainable goals.
  • You can drill down or view the reporting data differently so that this can help you answer your questions
Compact, Essential Reporting and Analytics Features Tailored for smaller fleet owners

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