Enable GPS-tracking of vehicles at head office, in real time

All about using smart technology to finish each task efficiently, at the lowest cost, by optimising drivers’ performance and available hours, increasing MPG figures, streamlining vehicle usage, avoiding accidents and reducing contentious insurance claims.

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Proteo Telematics

Proteo integrates with all major telematics providers such as Tom Tom, Microlise, Tegois etc. to provide vehicle tracking and driver behaviour data directly into Proteo Enterprise.

"Our entire fleet is fully tracked and our client-facing and office-based technology is among the most advanced in the industry. The latest upgrade to the system provides us with even more detailed online tracking of vehicles and loads, reports on driver and vehicle performance as well as vital business information to help us maintain our controls and efficiencies.”

- Peter Brown, MD, Jack Richards and Sons

How it works?

Proteo Fleet - How it works?

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