Proteo Enterprise is the most advanced but easy to use TMS platform that can be made to work the way you need it to.

Proteo Enterprise Solution : Optimise, automate and control your haulage fleet operations, from order to invoice.

Proteo Enterprise is THE best Transport Management System out there.

Developed closely with major hauliers over the years, there are many clever and unique areas of functionality that lead to ease of use, and greater margins for hauliers. Special focus on operations such as demurrage tracking, refusals and re-delivery help convert such costs into billable revenue opportunities. Tools such as the Customer Portal and ETA Arrivals Board help serve customers better and retain them for a longer period of time. Its integration capabilities allow you to sync data across all your and your customers’ systems.

"Proteo Enterprise has been a revelation to our business and we have still only scratched the surface of its power. We look forward to the development of the business in the knowledge that we can support any demands thrown at us by our industry. It feels good to be at the forefront of industry thinking.”

Richard Woodall, MD, Woodall Transport Group

Benefits to your business

  • Increase Cashflow by reducing time between order and invoicing, enabling earlier billing against confirmed deliveries/collections.
  • Increase productivity and profitability by optimizng route management with map based route planning, drag and drop functionality and reducing empty runs.
  • Improve performance by allowing easy analysis and reporting.
  • Reduce profit erosion caused by everyday exceptions such as returns, refusals and other on-costs that would otherwise go unno-ticed.
  • Create a professional company image every time you visit your customer by demonstrating your commitment to investment in new technologies for the benefit of your customers.
  • Reduce errors and remove manual processes allowing reallocation of administrative resources.
  • Reduce administration and stationary costs by eliminating paperwork and reducing printing.
  • Reduce fuel and maintenance costs with full route optimization and scheduling, plus vehicle inspections and check-lists.
  • Gain greater insight and control over your business with advanced management reporting capabilities.
  • Immediate productivity increases of 20 -50% are typical.
Proteo Enterprise - End to End Transport Management Solution

Proteo Enterprise Features

Arrivals Board

Offers Real-Time updates and ETAs;Transparency to Customers

Client Portal

Your clients can add jobs, get POD’s and print a manifest.

Drag and Drop Planning

Easily view your schedules, re-arrange by dragging and dropping.


Integration with your customers, lower the cost by giving them more.


Clients, sub contractors, self bill, auto batching and invoice emailing.

Map Based Planning

See your work and Load Plan straight from the Map

Capturing Extras

Record demurrage, and extra costs to be invoiced with the job or separately.

PODs Management

Store, search and email your POD’s

Web Based Planning

Securely hosted, you can access from anywhere.


Rate your jobs when entered, save time and prevent mistakes.


See how much revenue your vehicles are earning.

In-Cab Integrations

Manage your drivers and their work, reduce calls and get immediate updates.

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