April 29 2019

How an Integrated TMS Improves Visibility in Your Business

Proteo Transport Management System, Hauliers in UK

The Problem:

In today’s date, the major issue for Hauliers is to improve schedule compliance to keep customers satisfied and increase performance against SLAs. In addition to this, Hauliers also want to keep track of costs - direct and indirect as the smallest of costs changes affect their tight profit margins.

To achieve all this, it is imperative to have a system that brings accountability and visibility to every part of the haulage operation and shed light on the weakest areas that can require improvement - we refer to this as Managing By Exception.

Is adopting a Transport Management System the Solution?

A large number of traditional Haulage businesses still rely on spreadsheets, emails and phone calls to keep their day to day operations running. Such a system is fraught with complications as it fails to address most the issues related to accurate costs tracking, schedule compliance, data analysis for improvement, finance, sales, CRM etc.

Opting for a complete end to end Transport Management System like Proteo’s TMS is the solution. It enables you to increase cash-flow by reducing time between order and invoicing, improves productivity and profitability by optimising route management through map based , drag and drop planning and reducing empty runs.

A robust TMS like Proteo Enterprise offers in-depth reporting and analysis tools that can help Hauliers in detecting areas of improvement and make the most of their data, offering insights into their direct costs, sundries, hidden costs (this is always a surprise) and achieve greater control over their business.

Features such as the Client Portal offer transparency to the Haulier’s customers as well as they can check their delivery on route and see all the paperwork on the system. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and greater accountability for the Hauliers.

Overall, Hauliers can typically achieve 20-30% productivity increase. Adopting a TMS like Protep Enterprise has no downsides and it offers numerous features and advantages that are otherwise impossible with a traditional spreadsheet based system.

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