May 14 2019

Four Benefits of an Effective Transport Management System to your Business

Transport Management Systems - complete end to end haulier management for your haulage business

A TMS (Transport Management System) is expected to reduce wasted mileage, improve fleet utilisation, track costs, increase visibility and accountability and improve customer satisfaction. But how to choose an effective TMS to achieve all above benefits and move from a paper based system?

Fleet Utilisation Optimisation:

Under-utilisation of fleets is a major issue for Hauliers. Traditionally managed fleets can experience up to 55% more in-efficiency than a fleet with an intelligent TMS. This provides a vast opportunity for improvement in transport planning. Proteo TMS offers features such as Dynamic Route Planning, Live Monitoring, Delivery Scheduling Management via our real-time Arrivals Board. These features give the Hauliers flexibility and insight in real-time to deal with problems such as traffic management, extra incurred costs, delivery scheduling issues. Subcontracting functionality offers the flexibility to outsource jobs with far more efficiency and less manual effort.
All of these features help in improving fleet utilisation significantly and reduce fuel costs immediately.

Improved Customer Service and Visibility:

The Proteo TMS offers all the information the Haulier's customers need about their operations in real time via the Client Portal. Your client can place orders electronically (EDI), check the delivery status of all jobs, access all documentation, track delivery scheduling, download and view documentation regarding their deliveries. This helps in improving visibility, enables the customers to view important information and greatly improves customer service and retention.

Easy Integration:

The Proteo integration suite offers full two way integrations with Pallet Network Systems and other 3rd party applications. To enhance this functionality, Proteo Mobile provides a multi functional application delivering - Daily vehicle aalk around checks, automated order communication between back office systems and drivers in real-time, electronic signature capture for drivers, automated call-Ins and more. Via the Client Portal, customers can push jobs in and pull invoices out for their completed deliveries. Complete Proof of Delivery Management ensures all paperwork is available for the Haulier and its customers at all times, no more delays in payment due to lost documentation.

Insightful Reporting and Data Analysis:

Proteo TMS integrates with analysis and other BI reporting tools to offer Hauliers insights into their business, the ability to make fact-based decisions reduces loss and provides a greater day to day operational grip of the business. The ability to say ‘No’ to customers if the job will not be profitable is as important as saying yes ). The reduction in operational costs by improving driver & planner productivity is just one of the areas Proteo is working to protect your business from losses.

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