March 14 2019

Capture Hidden Profit for Hauliers

Capturing Extras and Keeping Track of Sundries

The haulier business has come a long way since the time planning boards were manually driven and driver schedules were maintained on paper. ITMS (Intelligent Transport Management Software) came into picture and forever changed the way transport and logistics were handled. With constant pressure to deliver, a good TMS provides the features and functionality that helps standardise your day to day operations, tracks costs, delivers transparency, increases visibility and automates processes. Proteo Enterprise exceeds expected standards and delivers features like the ability to Capture Extra Costs/ Charges that directly improve your bottom line.

Tracking additional costs and sundries

Tracking costs like hidden charges, extras and sundries are vital as they impact your margins. Proteo Enterprise enables such captures at multiple stages - like at the very point of adding an order, your planners are prompted with the opportunity to collect those charges that are often missed off the invoice. These charges include AM Delivery charges - Toll Fees – Saturday Delivery Charges, Tail Lift, and others. To avoid any possible delay in your customer clearing an invoice, Proteo Enterprise allows these charges to be on a separate invoice.

Tracking demurrage charges

Another big cost is knowing when you could be charging for demurrage. Using Proteo Mobile, Proteo Enterprise (TMS) automates the notification that your drivers have been kept waiting longer than the agreed time and you could be eligible to claim Demurrage by initiating a message in real-time back to the planner from the driver to kick in the charge.


  • Flexibility to process these extras as required: attaching them to the order which can then be invoiced with the order or separately.

  • Complete Transparency: The cost can be separated and reported as needed, thereby increasing transparency with your customers and building trust. Tracking who raised the charge, which customer contact accepted the charge and when.

By tracking and capturing these extra charges, our clients are seeing approximately 3% added directly to their bottom line, helping to reduce the effect of already eroded margins. Using Proteo Enterprise to manage these charges can significantly improve your turnover and profitability.

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