Arrivals Board


Offers real time updates, real time ETAs and transparency to the customers

Arrivals Board

  • Highly configurable views

  • Offers real time updates, real time ETAs and transparency to the customers

  • View by Customers, Vehicle based ETAs

  • You can also view Proteo Planner View on this app.

  • Customers can see the arrivals board to see the status of their deliveries

  • Auto updates on ETAs and statuses for multi drops

Telematics Integration

  • Use GPS notifications for arrival confirmation

  • Pull information real time for coordination

  • Achieve transparency in your operations.

Client Portal

Our solutions provides you with an easy to use, informative client portal. Simple to use and customize, it helps you interact with your customers effectively and accurately.

Increase Visibility of your Business to your Customers

Increase Visibility of your Business to your Customers

Achieve Tranparency in your Dealings with your Customers

Achieve Tranparency in your Dealings with your Customers

Provides Self Service to your Customers to Reduce Effort and Time on Support

Provides Self Service to your Customers to Reduce Effort and Time on Support

  • Customized Views: Expose useful data to your customers via configurable views. Your customers can track entire fleets, delivery routes and ETAs for their Deliveries through our Client Portal

  • Manifest View: Display daily manifests so your customers can see the daily work being done by you for them. Configure this view to allow edits on your manifests by your customers.

  • Access Paperwork: Make PODs, Invoices and other paperwork available to your customers to download, edit and respond to. Cut effort and time involved over such routine communication.

  • Power to your Customers:Enable features like editing jobs to enable more useful customer interaction.

Drag and Drop Planning

One stop planner that puts all the information you need in one easy to use and simplified space.

Maximize Resource utilization

Maximize Resource utilization

Increase Profitability

Increase Profitability

Go paperless

Go paperless

Make sure no information loss occurs

Increase Visibility of your Business to your Customers

Easier handovers

Easier handovers

  • Planner based planning: Makes it easy for the planner to see number of drivers and available vehicles and then ensure maximum utilization of resources and even spread out of work for increasing profitability.

  • The layout is simple and works like a planner. All the information about all your drivers, vehicles, their locations at a given time, start time of delivery, holidays, requests, schedules and services gets consolidated to one place and you can view it in 24 hr, 48 hr or 72 hr chunks.

  • This feature makes fleet utilization and schedule planning really easy.

  • Personalize your planner with additional notes, comments to ensure every small detail gets logged to the system.


Connect and sync data across all your systems such as Accounting, Pallet Network, and Workshop Systems to revolutionize your world

  • Pallet Network Integration: We integrate with Pallet Network and Pallet Force to ensure you can manage everything on our system in one place with one view.
  • Integrated system treats Pallet Tracking System as a subcontractor and takes care of paperwork accordingly, pushing relevant information into your system, plan consignments for you to increase profitability and efficiency.
  • Integration through CSV over FTP/sFTP, SOAP Services, REST Services. EDIFACT, Email among others .
  • 2 way integration:  Pull information like Orders and also push information like Invoices, Real Time updates like delivery or collection time.
  • We are keen on integration to reduce your time and effort required to feed information to systems manually.
  • Our customers have achieved over 80% integration. This has proved invaluable as customers can dedicate all that time and effort to the business side and customer care now.


Our solution will automate and manage your entire invoicing process. Get more efficient, accurate, reduce effort and go paperless.

  • Client Based Invoicing – to provide extreme customization for generating invoices.

  • Batch invoicing as per Invoice Numbers, Invoice Lines, Amount to be charged.

  • Auto batching as per customized business rules.

  • Customized invoice approval process to improve accuracy.

  • Backend Invoice generation – Invoice generation takes place at backend so the user can keep using the system.

  • Pre-invoice feature to preview and validate an invoice before generating it.

  • Auto email generated invoices to customers. Attachments like PODs available for this feature.

  • Customize invoices. Feature allows modification of VAT, Freight, Surcharges as per customer requirement, References, Docket numbers etc.

  • Integrates with accounting packages like Access, Sage to auto record ledger changes.

Map Based Planning

A very handy feature to put all your business on a map to ensure better visibility and insight to help you plan the best routes for your business

  • See all your Collections and Deliveries on a map.

  • Build a Load With One Click, you can build optimum deliveries and collections into a load.

  • Save Time and Fuel- Very effective in grouping and planning loads by location to save time and fuel.

  • Facilitates in optimizing and economizing the route planning.

Capturing Extras

Small miscellaneous charges are often missed or forgotten. Small Extras that add directly to your profit margins and give you a competitive advantage.

  • Keep track of Additional Charges: Additional charges like overtime, tail lift charges, extra tolls and other miscellany can be properly tracked in the system.

  • Flexibility to process these extras as required – Like attaching them to the order but not invoicing them.

  • Complete Transparency: The cost can be separated and reported as needed, thereby increasing transparency with your customers and building trust

POD Management

We will completely manage your POD system and take care of all your paperwork from end to end.

  • Capture and Manage POD – This feature lets you capture and manage POD data quickly and efficiently to improve invoice processing and cash flow.

  • Input Existing PODs via scans to quickly process it into the system.

  • Create and manage PODs electronically via our POD management system to go paperless and improve efficiency and accuracy.

  • Consolidate and Manage: Manage all other paperwork like booking forms, invoice along with PODs in one place for consolidation and referencing.

Web Based Planning

Our Solution is SaaS/web based, very robust, light and configurable. Remove dependency over devices and locations and have a flexible, accessible solution.

  • Our TMS is browser based, very robust, light and configurable.

  • Leverage SaaS/Web based nature of our product to increase efficiency and productivity and improve interaction with customers.

  • Customizable security features so you can completely control who can access what.

  • Hosted servers are kept secure and under lockdown so your business does not get compromised.

  • Removes dependency from devices. You can have active users accessing the TMS from tablets or mobiles.

  • Keep an eye on the traffic planner using this flexibility feature or do weekend planning sitting at your home.


We offer ultimate flexibility in building tariffs for your business. Build Tariffs based on PostCode, Volume, Weight etc.

  • We give you features like ‘’Óne Tariff for Everybody’’ or ‘Per Customer Per Business Type” to help you customize your rates.

  • Tariffs get applied at Order level so every task and extras in it are properly rated at entry level itself. Extremely effective in generating accurate invoices. No revalidation and extra effort required later.

  • Tariff Management: we offer intuitive features to set your tariffs for you – Auto Rating– new tariffs based on old ones, auto increments on current tariffs, with adjusted fuel surcharges to name a few.

  • Track Tariff changes – Any changes made to auto set tariffs get tracked – useful for record keeping and tracking why certain tariffs were changed.


Proteo Enterprise helps you to Optimize, Automate, Consolidate and ultimately Increase Profitability of your business.

  • Generate various reports using this feature like Vehicle Profitability Reports, Customer Profitability Reports and Planner Profitability Reports.

  • Our TMS consolidates data from every aspect of your business comprehensively and aggregate them into very useful insights that can tell you a lot of details about areas to improve or cut down or focus.

  • Profitability reports drill down to one driver/vehicle/load level. This in turn is very useful while planning schedules to increase profitability.

In Cab Integration

Exchange live information to and from your drivers to ensure quick deliveries and collections.

  • Allows drivers to login through our app in mobiles and perform daily walkthroughs

  • Assign work to your drivers on the go.

  • Fast, real time communication with your drivers to ensure seamless operations execution on both sides.

Proteo Mobile 1

Driver Login For WalkThrough

Proteo Mobile 2

Daily Manifests

Proteo Mobile 3

Delivery Sign off

Create Checklists for Quality Assurance and Managing Deliveries and Collections

  • Create and assign checklists to your drivers for jobs. A pass or fail mark is required against every task on their list to complete it.
  • Incase of issues or failures, drivers need to take pictures and send real time data to make sure you have complete information to solve any problems and get the task completed.

Accelerate Workshop Management Integration

  • Push any real time defects reported by your drivers straight with workshop tools to ensure speedy resolution.
  • Schedule vehicle service and repair.

Manifest Management

  • Directly send Manifests to drivers on their account on our In Cab App
  • New Manifests can be accessed once all the items on checklists have been finished.
  • Real Time status reports by drivers(Drive, On Site etc.)
  • Capture on site details and record them using our app.

Configurable Onsite Collections Details

  • Extremely configurable onsite jobs lists
  • Capture signatures, comments, confirmation on load numbers, docket numbers.

Complete Integration

  • Proteo Mobile Workflow integrated fully with Proteo Enterprise
  • Realtime information exchange between mobile app and TMS
  • Eliminate phone calls, communicate via messages to log communication
  • Full visibility for you