Proteo Lite

From managing inquiries to generating quotes, booking jobs, planning and monitoring them, invoicing them and generating reports- your one TMS to manage it all.

Why Proteo Lite?

  • Proteo Lite is a lighter version of Proteo Enterprise. It is suitable for you if you have smaller fleets to manage.
  • It is super easy to deploy and it starts for as low as £100/user/month.
  • It looks easy to use, it is easy to use. Access it from anywhere, any device.
  • It is Saas model, web-based
  • Extremely flexible – Customized as per your requirements
Our Features

Manage Quotes:

You can generate, capture and email quotes to your customers. We provide features like provisional booking that enables you to jobs to planning board in advance.

Intuitive Customer Data Management

Just enter the customer addresses once on a job and system saves it so you can pull it out again anytime you need. Easy to edit and maintain.

On Job Monitoring:

Easily monitor the progress of your deliveries and tasks – Color coded statuses to display what job is on what stage. Similar status updates on your planning board to ensure greater visibility.


We offer a lot of flexibility on this front. The TMS walks you through each job from planning and execution to the invoicing. You can customize it entirely as per your needs.

  • Attach costs anytime in the process – On every job, you can attach any number of costs as desired: vehicle costs, driver costs, extras like overtime, miscellaneous costs. Proteo Lite will keep track of it all for you and you can appropriately invoice them as per your requirement.
  • Keep internal costs out of invoicing – You can opt out the internal load split costs from your final invoices. This is great for tracking internal operations costs without exposing it to the customers.
  • Post Invoices to other Ledgers – CSV exports/imports helps you push your invoices and accounting to systems like Sage, Access etc. to give further easy information flow. Great for improving accuracy and efficiency and going paperless.

Reports and Analytics:

Generate profitability reports on your vehicles. We consolidate all the information you need and you can generate very insightful reports to better your business and profits.

Versatile Management Capabilities:

We provide you different POVs to manage your system:

  • Driver Management – Manage drivers by type. Assign drivers permanently to vehicles. Every time you assign that vehicle for a job, the driver will automatically get added.
    • Flag special job requirements like ADR classes. Self configure drivers with special trainings, additional permits to make your planning decisions easier.
  • Customer Management: Filter customers’ data. Flag customers as per requirements, update their information on the go. Auto-check provisional bookings for your regular customers, put reminders and flags for delayed invoice payments.
  • Employee Management: Subcontracting: Now integrate your subcontracted loads in your TMS to get everything in one place. Retain Subcontractor schedules and details in your TMS for complete end to end information management.

Job Creation:

Creating new jobs on our TMS is super easy and it is very flexible.

  • Our TMS will walk you through the entire process of creating and managing jobs.
  • Customize fields, use our intuitive UI to make this process easy and fast.
  • Copy jobs for similar or repetitive deliveries.
  • Sort and search through all of your job records easily.

Load Planning:

This feature helps you split and plan loads for your job. One job can have many loads. One great use of this feature is Internal load splitting – a delivery you plan can have an internal stoppage. Eg: picking up from the collection point, going to your yard, from your yard to delivery – but your customer would only see you from the collection point to delivery point on their invoice. This helps you internally track your operations costs without exposing it to the customers.

Planning Board:

Our most desired feature.

  • Its a digital planning board where you can simply drag and drop stuff, see the status of vehicles, drivers, their jobs and schedule.
  • You have the ease of managing view of the board as per location or as a whole.
  • Plan cost effective, efficient routes and schedules to ensure more profitability.
  • Add personalized notes to save every little detail to your one system. Ensure complete visibility and accessibility.
  • Our planning board is very visual in interaction. Put a job card on the board, drag and drop it to another vehicle to replan it.