Proteo Mobile

Exchange live information to and from your drivers to ensure quick deliveries and collections.

  • Allows drivers to login through our app in mobiles and perform daily walkthroughs

  • Assign work to your drivers on the go.

  • Fast, real time communication with your drivers to ensure seamless operations execution on both sides.

Proteo Mobile 1

Driver Login

Proteo Mobile 2

Daily Manifests

Proteo Mobile 3

Delivery Sign Off

Create Checklists for Quality Assurance and Managing Deliveries and Collections

  • Create and assign checklists to your drivers for jobs. A pass or fail mark is required against every task on their list to complete it.
  • In case of issues or failures, drivers need to take pictures and send real time data to make sure you have complete information to solve any problems and get the task completed.

Accelerate Workshop Management Integration

  • Push any real time defects reported by your drivers straight with workshop tools to ensure speedy resolution.
  • Schedule vehicle service and repair.

Manifest Management

  • Directly send Manifests to drivers on their account on our In Cab App
  • New Manifests can be accessed once all the items on checklists have been finished.
  • Real Time status reports by drivers(Drive, On Site etc.)
  • Capture on site details and record them using our app.

Configurable Onsite Collections Details

  • Extremely configurable onsite jobs lists
  • Capture signatures, comments, confirmation on load numbers, docket numbers.

Complete Integration

  • Proteo Mobile Workflow integrated fully with Proteo Enterprise
  • Realtime information exchange between mobile app and TMS
  • Eliminate phone calls, communicate via messages to log communication
  • Full visibility for you